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Technologies of VASCO eyeglass frames

Acetate hand made frames

Our frames are made of acetate plate which is a very durable material. This allows us to achieve innovative and sophisticated forms. This material is distinguished by an endless number of colour combinations. This technology requires hand finish, which gives each piece an individual character. Please click on the link below to find available frames in our VASCO collection.

Metal frames

We use monel alloy for forming the front of the frames and a high-tensile alloy for bridges (crossbars connecting the lenses) and temples. Monel – is the highest quality alloy that is used in production of frames, it contains many different metals in a proportion selected by the manufacturer. Monel provides the best susceptibility to plastic processing, and most importantly for the user – the highest corrosion resistance, and thus – durability. The monel frames are evenly and precisely covered with galvanic coatings and a layer of clear varnish. They are antiallergic. Due to the frames high quality they are able to last a lot longer and they maintain their ascetic attributes.